Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fantastic day today

The crown princess of Sweden is finally getting married. Not a day too soon. The children of the royal Swedish family are growing up and we need some new ones to pine over and read about. I’m kind of a royalist, well not really, it’s an idiotic relic from the past that belongs in the fairytales, but still in a way I am. And the royalist in me is kind of sad despite the great news. First of all it’s a bought in French family that makes up the royalty, so I would rather see the real ones on the throne. And we are getting a queen in the future that has a “normal guy” as a husband. Kind of pollutes the DNA, well actually it’s the other way around, royal blood isn’t really more than incestuous blood for the most part, but you know what I mean. It takes away the mystery and über feeling that comes with a royal family. That’s their point of being, if you take that away, all you are left with are regular people.

Despite that rambling, great stuff “Vickan”!

I also had a great day at work as well as after work. A bottle of vodka and some muffins can do marvels for your nighttime.

Some idiots are demonstrating as usual and more billions are wasted from different governments going for that apocalypse nowish that’s going to be great.
So a great day all in all.

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