Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The end of the line

Yes, friends I am back with a few final notes. I am going to summarize what is what for a month or so and after that this blog will be permanently inactive.
I believe it is now time to find the exit, plan for how to get there and what to do once on the other side. I also believe that the final round-up of opposition is going on at this very moment. Anyone dumb enough to keep telling truths will soon be out of a job, be locked up or simply discarded one way or the other. And finally I believe that there is nothing to be done to save us anymore - the last ship has sailed and there are no more coming.
Sadly (but also hilariously) this means that the looming catastrophe will be horrendously bad and few, if any, will be spared the economic holocaust. I know some of you still pray that the sphincter of justice will not close and that many still have faith but any hope of redemption at this point is foolish at best.
I did not see the length nor the scope of our predicament and I did believe that we would reach the end of line around 2011-2012. I based that prediction on math and reality, sadly neither math nor reality has anything to do with anything anymore.
As I saw it, back in the late 1990´s, and during the build-up, the first crash would occur around 2007-2008, our masters would then go forth on epic adventures of QE, market manipulations and organize debt pranks to keep the collapse off for another 4-5 years, after that we would face about a decade of a spiraling deflationary- or inflationary depressions (depending on country) before either the market would be allowed to correct itself or we get another world war.
Sadly my prediction was not correct, not even I was prepared for the complexity and scope of the madness perpetrated by the elite. I say “sadly” because what await us now will be far, far worse than anything ever seen in human history.
All the markets are now propped up and highly manipulated – all of them, with no exception. The scams are continuously taken to new heights and there is no end to money printing madness. 
Of course those that rule us claim that there is no need to worry. After all there are economists on the job and a team of highly trustworthy banksters will rectify the situation as soon as we all start buying new phones and tv´s again. 
What most of our elected frauds do not know is that there is a limit to the current financial system, and the limit is where the debts are too high to be repaid. The Fractional Reserve Banking system works as long as there is more debts to be taken and as long as bonds can be rolled. When this is not the case anymore, the entire system will halt and come crashing down.
The banks got around this little dilemma (this is what I missed in my predictions) with CDO´s and other forms of trickery; basically they invented new ways of creating debt from the old debts. A loan taken is not only “money on the books”, it is also an “asset” ready to be used several times over, being sold, bargained, bartered and repacked over and over and over again. One loan taken on a house can be multiplied a dozen times within the global financial system. Of course it is all based on the prerequisite that; a) the loan will be paid back and; b) no one finds out what is actually going on.
Our entire house of cards is now dependent on promises and an illusion of wealth. Either people in mass will see through the con, or the banks will run out of new ways to roll over and multiply our exponentially escalating debt-mountain, or the debts will get so high that countries will default creating both social and economic upheaval.  Whatever of these options be first the effect will be the same; a complete and utter destruction of the entire global financial system.  
Even a normal interest rate level of 5% is today a death sentence to most countries. In such a world the Swiss are buying Euro again to "keep the correct balance", and the Greeks are now advocating debt write off´s in form of debt swaps instead of direct debt write off´s. The illusion must be maintained at all costs, or else…
Make no mistake, The Greatest Depression is here, has been here all along, waiting under the surface of an enormous sea of lies and deception. 
I do not do predictions any more because any calculation or view taken with reality in mind does not apply. It is impossible to say. Markets can come crashing down at any moment or those that rule us may be able to fend it off for another couple of years.