Thursday, December 20, 2012

One of those top ten lists

What says xxx-mas more then porn? 

Since its x-mas and the time of year when to think about top things to be grateful for, I thought it appropriate to put together a top ten list of my own. In the spirit of the season.

Consequently here is my top ten list of Porn Stars throughout the years:

Number 10 – Cheyenne Silver
One out of two Americans on this list and honestly she is not that good looking. Very few things going for her, and definitely not my type at all, but still… there is something about this woman. She has a great presence on screen, she seems to enjoy herself and her pretty distinct look makes her stand out. She did a few very memorable scenes and yes, there is something about her that puts her on my list - cannot really describe it better than that.

Number 9 – Sonia Red
This is probably the only porn actress who can look completely bored like: “where is my money already” and still pull off a scene with a huge tent growing in my pants. Beautiful Czech girl. Although I sometimes feel she would perform on an even higher scale with better directors (at least in her early days) this stunning brunette is definitely God´s gift to mankind. Adorable, very cute and has that sort of girlfriend feel about her. She probably deserves a higher placement, but as far as performance goes, too much up and down and a few really crappy ones at that.

Number 8 – Marcela Rubita (Im Isabel)
This tiny little lolita could win a list like this, but absolutely horrible co-actors, stupid storylines and totally ignorant director(s) kept this fantastic Columbian from becoming a worldwide star. Seemingly incapable to take a dick, even smaller ones, all the way in, she look tighter than anything seen on screen. Although her tininess and underage look probably put off many and despite all the bad acting and horrible scenes, she is beyond cute. Sadly she too disappeared before doing any real scenes with good co-stars, mostly amateurish crap. Still I cannot ignore which way my manhood points…

Number 7 – Tori Black
Not really my kind of girl and normally shouldn´t do it for me, too tall, too much American pornstar over her. But her performance is stunning and if this girl does not love sex I will eat my laptop. And those scenes where she explains and talk about it before and after is amazing stuff. Most porn stars claim to love sex and they probably do, despite what any feminist say, but not everyone convey it on screen every time in every scene. Tori do. Also she has several university degrees, among others a minor in Women´s Studies. J For that alone she deserves a place on my top ten list.

Number 6 – Molestky
Another Czech girl you just wanna…  houmpff and schmoumfff…  with. Way too short career and way too few movies out there, but what a magnificent cutie! Every scene with her, except for the incredibly stupid one with the black guys, is pure gold and hard-on approved by every male on this planet.

Number 5 – Litte Caprice
And Czech girl number three on this list. No wonder I moved to the Czech Republic… J And this woman I have actually seen in person on several occasions. I used to live in Brno and meet both her and her with her, back then, boyfriend in a shopping mall twice and I saw her waiting for a tram once (Brno is a pretty small city). Consequently that moves her up on this list a couple of places. Anyway, her performance is also great. You can see that she is enjoying herself and she has great, usually not fake, orgasms which is a big plus. She also has some of the best lesbian scenes ever made, not just because of her, but still. That cute button noose and adorable smile coupled with a great body was created to get us viewers really turned on.

Number 4 – Liza Shay
Here´s another gorgeous amazing woman looking so hot and sexy only few can, but still she manage to end up in one boring production after the other. I don´t know if this Russian girl like getting rough non-lub anal and deep throating every time, perhaps that’s the case, she seem to enjoy it mostly, but this is a girl I would like to see in softer nicer vids. This is a girl to cuddle, to take your time with and hug and kiss, not roughly penetrate in all holes. Porn does not always need to imply hard and rough stuff. Softer erotic as produced by x-art is just as exciting, especially with girls like this one. A woman does not get much better looking and sexier than this.

Number 3 – Ally Mac Tyana
This adorable French cutie manages to mix a tiny body and cuteness with real lady-like qualities. And when all other porn stars seem to shave their pubs completely, she kept her hair downstairs. A real woman, but cute, tiny and adorable at the same time – perfect balance. Too short career though, but very memorable.

Number 2 – Clara Morgane
Another stunning woman who really seemed to enjoy the scenes she was in. Beautiful French woman still doing modeling jobs, working as a TV host and lots more. Sexy, beautiful, and highly intelligent, and there is something with those French porn actresses isn´t it? Sadly she never did any raw gangbangs or BDSM scenes, but you cannot take away the sensuality and breathtaking performance in the few scenes she did do. Amazing woman, and great to watch.

Number 1 – Eva Roberts
This is not only one of the most gorgeous women to even enter porn; she is one of the most beautiful women ever. Absolut beauty and a stunning body with a tight ass and fantastic lips. This is the sort of woman that will make you come just passing you by, she should be sitting on a throne ruling us or be memorized in a Greek temple - and to see her do double penetrations and anal scenes is heaven on earth. Sadly she left porn years ago but as far as I am concern her work will never grow old. Please come back and show us more! 

And as a bonus; 

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