Sunday, March 15, 2009

The crisis hits prostitutes

Around the world prostitutes are feeling the waves of recession with lower demands of their services. And many clients also want to lower the price or try to get fewer minutes in order to cut the cost. One hooker told an American journalist that there are more and more of her clients that want 5min handjobs instead of the hour she usually charge for. It has been said that the world’s oldest profession is a recession-proof businesses so when the profitmargins decline rapidly among brothels you should take it seriously. In Prague were prostitution is big business hotel managers are urging politicians to legalize their trade to save their jobs. In Reno, Nevada, the Mustang Ranch laid off 30 percent of its staff before the turn of the year, referring to a drop in clients with money. And with fewer bucks to be spent on vacation and air tickets several Asian brothels are literary shaking in their boots.

This is something that is almost unheard of in history. Prostitution is a trade always in demand and drops with 20%-30% and sometimes 40% cannot be compared with anything on record. Together with the drop of 45% in worlds commodity export , in November 2008, compared to the year before, this might be the surest signs that the recession we are in is about to explode into a full financial crisis in the near future.

Meanwhile the printing presses are keeping the warmth up, throbbing those plates together in ecstatic rate to print money at a speed the Weimar republic would have been delighted with. Don’t kid yourself people, the fun is just getting started. Have you bought those candles and bags of popcorn yet? As I said before and are going to tell you again, you are going to need them. The lunacy is just about to go over in the next stage and now it is just a matter of time.

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